💻🤩 VIRTUAL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES! Volunteer from ANYWHERE in the world on your own schedule with Linens N Love, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2014 dedicated to donating linens to shelters in need.

✨ We have a few open positions left for Linens N Love Ambassador, Project Leader, and Research Bloggers. Swipe through the rest of this post to learn more!
✨ The five-minute application form for these positions can be found in the link in our profile or at tinyurl.com/linensnlovevirtual
✨ You’ll hear back from the Board of Directors within 5 days of submitting your application!

Applications received during program: 400

An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.