Student leaders Impacted: 16,000

On April 25, 2019, Founder Vivian Wang spoke at WE Day California! WE Day California was held at The Forum in Inglewood, CA, starting bright and early in the morning. Both excited and nervous, Vivian could not wait to share her adventures from Ecuador with 16,000 student youth leaders sitting in the audience.

Vivian remembers from four years ago when she was an audience member, sitting far away from the stage in admiration of the guest speakers and celebrities. She never would have believed that four years later she would be on the WE Day stage. At around 1 pm in the afternoon, Vivian was called backstage to do hair and makeup, where she was so starstruck to see famous celebrities walking by such as Meghan Trainor.

Finally, it was Vivian's turn to go onstage! Her speech is found in the above video. After getting offstage, Vivian felt so happy that she was able to share this moment with so many student leaders in the audience. 

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