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Below is an article written by two student volunteers, ages 12. They wanted to write it in a "newspaper article" format. Way to go, Vivian and Jessica!

Donating Linens to the Animal Shelter

The Wei and Wang family make a difference at OC Animal Shelter

On March 28, 2015, Jessica Wei and her mom accompanied Vivian Wang’s family to bring happiness to the dogs and animals in need. They went to the OC Animal Care Shelter to deliver the blankets, towels, and pillows to donate, which was Vivian’s family brought the linens from their hotel. Since there are some sheets that have to be thrown out to be replaced they instead decided to donate them through Linens N Love. For Be the Light project, Jessica decided to tag along with Vivian to donate blankets to the animals. Even though the linens do have some imperfections they are still usable and can benefit the animals for the Shelter. The OC Animal Care Shelter needs money and donations to support the animals that they hold for adoption. They need to have some supplies because they take a in a great amount of animals that have been lost or abused by their owners. When Jessica saw some of the dogs for adoption she was very happy because some of them didn’t have very many blankets and pillows to keep them warm. Blankets would also be something nice to cuddle in and towels would keep them dry after they get cleaned.

At first, Jessica arrived at the Shelter before Vivian but was then greeted by them with a cart of boxes with many different linens. They then took a picture to remember the moment. At the animal shelter, there were many different types of animals such as dogs, bunnies, and cats. Many other visitors were their to see the animals to adopt and take home. Some people that have already adopted pets they were so happy and it made Jessica inspired. She was also touched by the owner’s love and her love for her guinea pig, Oscar. The most of the animals there were dogs that had cags outside. One of the dogs really stood out to Jessica just had surgery because his eye was badly injured so they had to remove his eye. But even when he no longer had an eye he still greeted everyone with a cute bark. He also had a cone on him with a bad rash. Jessica said that she wish he didn’t have go through so much pain, but she was also very glad to see him happily barking.

Because of this inspiring experience, Jessica has enjoyed helping animals and had fun at her first visit to an animal shelter. Jessica said it was also fun to do it with Vivian because she knows a lot about animals and pets. Since it was her her first time at the OC Animal Shelter she was new to everything. But see soon became familiar as we walked around to see all the animals. For her it was very enjoyable to see people interacting with the dogs and giving them a new home.

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