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Linens Donated: 75

​Linens N Love loves the animal shelter!  Animal shelters are the perfect place to educate students about the importance of adopting our furry friends and teaches students compassion and kindness.

​On August 23rd, 2016, Linens N Love hit their SECOND stop in Denver to the Denver Animal Shelter. The facilities were beautiful and modern, looking nothing like the shelters we visited in Orange County. Expecting iron bars and concrete floors, we were floored (pun intended) to discover that the Denver Animal Shelter was a beautiful and comfortable facility for these pets.

​Animals live in separate pens, but there aren't any steel bars here! Instead, each dog receives its own separate condo with a room for activities and another one for the restroom and food. The floors are heated for the cold Colorado winters and condos were comfortable and clean! With over 150 compassionate volunteers, the Denver Animal Shelter's dogs and cats are well loved and given plenty of TLC.

​"I love how this shelter doesn't euthanize their dogs based on time spent there. It really shows how the shelter cares for each of their animals and gives them a chance to find a home" remarked one student.

"The Denver Animal Shelter is an animal shelter like no other that I have ever been to. The environment felt much more different than many others because the facility was especially well-kept, advanced, and friendly" said Vivian.  "I felt a small urge in my heart to want to adopt all of the animals, because of the miserable look in their eyes. Some animals there were in the lost and found area seemed like they were clueless about their situation. I can understand their pain. My parents travel a lot and often times cannot take me with them, and I feel as if sometimes they are not even here when I most need them. Seeing the animals made me feel sympathy for them, no matter what. I hope that each of those animals there find a loving family to join and that no animal there gets left behind."

A huge thank you to our tour guide Madeline for the excellent tour of the facilities!