An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

MEet the Irvine Linens n LOve chapter presidents: Situ Chintakunta & Shelby Lee

My name is Shelby Lee and I am currently a freshman at Irvine High School. I enjoy painting, exploring new hobbies, and being in nature. My love for exploring hobbies has led me to join my cross country team this year, which I have surprisingly begun to really enjoy, despite being an avid non-runner. Wanting to promote Linens N Love’s mission and to create more widespread change is what made my Co-President, Situ and I to apply to become chapter presidents. Being able to bring joy to anybody’s day in any small way I can is the most rewarding part of being a chapter president. I’m excited for the opportunity to make a change in my community and for all the fun, fulfilling memories ahead!

My name is Situ Chintakunta and I am a freshman at Irvine High School. When I entered high school, I had a deep interest in starting my own club based on service for the community. I came across Linens N Love over the summer and when I found out that the organization was accepting chapters, I quickly called my Co-President, Shelby Lee. Since then, we have kick started our club and have over 20 members from out school solely and many more throughout the school supporting our events. I look forward to doing great things by bringing Linens N Love to my high school and wish to make an impact.

​Article by: Situ Chintakunta & Shelby Lee

Irvine Linens N Love

A couple of days before our delivery, we picked up linens generously donated by the Holiday Inn Santa Ana. We were first greeted by the receptionist who very kindly called over a staff member to help us load the bags of linens into our car. We were surprised to see how large the bags and even had trouble fitting them into our trunks. We received many comforters, sheets, and pillows which were carefully washed by our board members due to COVID-19. The following Wednesday, we packed our cars with the bags of linens and drove to the Orange County Rescue Mission, accompanied by two of our members from the chapter, Roma and Shohan. We weren’t able to take the whole club due to the virus and wore masks at all times. After short paperwork and loading the linens into carts, employees took the linens in and thanked us. Overall, we were ecstatic that our first linen delivery was a success and turned out to be a great experience!

Linens Donated: 45