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Meet the article author: Amanda REE

My name is Amanda Ree and I am a freshman at Irvine High School and am the publicist for Irvine High School’s Linens N Love. I am a club soccer player and a competitive dancer. Some of my hobbies include cooking, reading, and playing the violin. I also joined Irvine high girl’s cross country team this year. Being a part of Linens N Love has allowed me to work with the co-presidents Situ and Shelby and the rest of the board members and they sorta became like a second family to me. I can’t wait to see what Irvine High’s Linens N Love will do and the experience it’ll bring.

Article by Amanda Ree

Irvine Linens N Love

2020 has been a hard and challenging year for everyone and one sad thing about this pandemic is that we couldn’t all gather together. However, as a club we have had our virtual meetings and are fortunate to have done a few events this year. On November 6th, we did our SomiSomi fundraiser to raise money to fund future giving opportunities. The event was held at Somi Somi, an ice cream/bakery shop at the Irvine Spectrum mall and we received 35% of the proceeds, making a total of $368.50 going to our chapter. The fundraiser was very successful and we had a higher turnout of friends and family than we expected and made almost double our goal! We are so thankful to all club members and the support of those who showed up. We used part of the funds to make hygiene kits: COVID-19 supplies such as hand sanitizers, masks, antibacterial wipes, bars of soap. Along with everyday supplies such as deodorant, toothbrushes, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, lotion bottles, shampoo and pairs of socks.

Our Co-Presidents Shelby Lee, Situ Chintakunta and Treasurer Maddie Kim took time to buy and organize the hygiene kits for delivery to the shelter. Surprisingly, it was hard to find a shelter nearby that could accept the hygiene supply donations, so we ended up donating them to the Thomas Family Shelter in Garden Grove, California (about 10 miles from Irvine). Our presidents personally delivered the supplies to the shelter. When they arrived, they were greeted warmly by a staff member named Laura who showed them around and explained the mission of the Thomas Family Shelter. The hygiene kits were distributed to the residents living at the shelter who were very thankful for the supplies. All in all, the hygiene kit delivery was a success and we were happy to make even a small difference!

231 hygenic and Covid-19 supplies donated