Linens, hygiene supplies, notes of encouragement, and toys Donated: 900+

During the Leadership Summit, youth leaders participated in a delivery to HIS House, a teen outreach home just two minutes from a local high school. HIS House is a transitional living shelter dedicated to providing clients with a transitional home and resources needed to pursue their desired career. Youth leaders were surprised to learn that there is teen outreach home so close to their school; many clients at HIS House are high schoolers.

With their hands full of over 30 toys and hearts full of passion to donate the toys, the youth leaders walked to HIS House to donate these donations. The volunteer staff was pleasantly surprised by Linens N Love’s delivery to bring holiday cheer to the teens residing at HIS House during this holiday season.

Throughout the day, the attendees participated in a total of seven modules to empower themselves in future service projects. Youth leaders learned about effective altruism in global organizations and charities, concise and effective communication, accountability among team members, negotiation as a tool for success, technology as a form of connecting with various clients, organizing a delivery through a simulation activity, and bringing new ideas to the group through Robert’s Rules of Order. 

Youth leaders practiced organizing a delivery through the simulation activity in which youth leaders simulated requesting linens donations, calling and contacting shelters, and coordinating with volunteers. Overall, youth leaders enhanced their communication skills and persuasive language.

The 20 selected youth leaders learned so much in just 24 hours. This event would not have been possible without the support from the Comfort Inn and Suites, Murrieta and Choice Hotels International in awarding us the $5,000 grant.

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