An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

Written by Annie Li (Chapter President)

Westwood Linens N Love

Chapter President: Annie Li

Planning period: Late November 2020 - early December 2020; Delivery date: December 26, 2020

As the Westwood Linens N Love chapter came together this fall, we all felt the need to support the community around us. We were moved not only by the unprecedented struggles caused by the pandemic but also by the self-sacrifice and strength of front-line workers, our everyday heroes. Keeping this in mind, the Westwood LNL officers, Stacey Li, Bonnie Liu, Brenna Cox, Hannah Stairs, and Ananya Manglik, and I planned and facilitated a town-wide linen and home goods drive. This weeks-long process entailed many virtual meetings, emails, and calls between each other, our teacher advisor, and town officials. Ultimately, we were able to donate 256 assorted linens and home goods (including but not limited to towels, bedding, and personal hygiene items) to Boston Rescue Mission, a Boston-based homeless shelter.

Our first step included in-depth conversations about the challenges introduced by the pandemic, like navigating the limited access to the high school, ensuring sanitary donations, and informing the town of our initiative. We overcame a number of these issues by reaching out to the Westwood Public Library and the local Senior Center, communicating the details of our drive and what we hoped to achieve. We were ultimately able to leave drop boxes outside their doors, creating more accessible collection centers. I also reached out to an official at the town hall, writing up an announcement that was sent out with our townwide notices.

Lastly, an interview with a local news site allowed us to share our club mission and motivation to support our community. Our first initiative presented us with several challenges, but also ample opportunity for personal growth. We developed our interpersonal skills and collective problem-solving, strengthening not only as a team but as advocates. Linens N Love has provided me with the chance to grow as a leader and a community-builder who can identify and meet the needs of the world around me, a skill I intend to apply in our future projects and initiatives. Alongside my passionate and proactive peers, I hope to continue leveraging my compassion and drive to create positive change in the communities around me and beyond me.

Linens Donated: 256+ linens & Home essentials 

MEet the Westwood Linens n LOve chapter president: Annie Li

My name is Annie Li, and I am a senior at Westwood High School. In my free time, I enjoy painting, creative writing, listening to music, spending time with my family, and reading. My favorite genres are fantasy and fiction, but I'll usually read whatever has words on it. A fun tidbit about me is that I love curating Pinterest boards in my free time, and my all-time favorite musical artist is Lorde. I am also passionate about advocacy. Some causes that are particularly important to me include women's rights, the protection of civil rights, racial justice, climate justice, sustainability, and youth activism. My hope to leave the world around me a brighter place inspired me to establish a new chapter of Linens N Love in my community.