Hello, my name is Zach Marshall and I am the founder and president of the Linens N Love Northern Virginia chapter. I am a rising junior from Virginia and I attend Oakton High School. In my free time, I play a lot of lacrosse and golf, or any other outdoor sports with my friends. Additionally, I am very passionate about business and marketing, so I spend a lot of time learning and reading about these topics. A fun fact about me is that, despite all of my activity, I have never broken a bone. Some societal issues that I am passionate about include certain economic issues, such as unemployment and poverty. Overall, I am very excited to make an impact in my community and lead the the Oakton chapter.

Written by Zach Marshall

Northern Virginia Linens N Love

Chapter President: Zach Marshall

During the month of December, Zach Marshall -- president of Northern Virginia Linens N Love -- led several donations and deliveries for his chapter. Zach is a junior at Oakton High School in Virginia, and is looking to make an impact with his LNL chapter this year. Despite having COVID-19 concerns in his community, he managed to conduct donations safely and aid those in need.

Additionally, Zach took on increased responsibility with all aspects of his chapter, as he was unable to have a full team assisting him with collections/donations because of pandemic restrictions. In addition to receiving donations from hotels, Zach partnered with his church; this has "allowed hundreds of more community members to involve themselves with Northern Virginia LNL". After posting an announcement on the church's website and calling nearby hotels, Zach was thrilled to see the donations pile up. Hotels were responsive, and his church was quickly filled with donations and kind words from community members. The active participation from both hotels and local residents reassured Zach of the impact he was making. For weeks, he traveled back and forth to his church to collect linens and remained in contact with local hotels.

Zach managed to collect over 800 linens throughout December, allowing for deliveries to 5 different shelters -- including both animal and homeless shelters. Being able to impact a diverse group of people and animals has led to a very fulfilling experience for him. As Zach reflects on this rewarding and successful month, he looks forward to continuing his efforts with more donations in the future.

MEet the Northern Virginia Linens n LOve chapter president: Zach Marshall

Linens Donated: 800+ linens 

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