Linens DONATED: 200

On February 15, 2020, Linens N Love embarked on an exciting delivery to the OC Animal Care in partnership with North Orange County Chinese School for the New Year Delivery. During this delivery, Linens N Love high school Chapter President leaders each had one aspect of the delivery that they were responsible for, whether it be leading the reflection session or staying in contact with the shelter to confirm the tour and Q&A session. 

Linens N Love was in partnership with the North Orange County Chinese School, a weekend Chinese school that is located in Villa Park, California. We decided to do a partnership with this local Chinese school to raise awareness of volunteerism among their young students, many of which are between the ages of 7 and 12. Through this partnership, young students from the Chinese school were immersed in community service as this was their first exposure to community service.

During the reflection session, both parents and young children shared how the delivery transformed their outlook on volunteerism, shelters, and Linens N Love. Tanner Hsu, the President of the Portola Chapter, shared that he was elated to see how there were so many young children here at the Linens N Love event, especially on a Saturday.

Stay tuned to hear about what Linens N Love is up to next! We'll be organizing a HUGE delivery to a local veteran's home and shelter and cannot wait to meet the people and facility!

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