An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

Linens Count: 300 towels, bed sheets, and linens.

On February 19th, 2016 Linens N Love brought in boxes and boxes full of donations into HIS House, a transitional temporary shelter for families in need.

HIS House (Homeless Intervention Shelter) was an amazing experience for all of the volunteers because the shelter was located in the least expected place: directly across the street from their school, Valencia High School in Placentia, California.

"It's crazy to find out that there's actually a homeless shelter next to us," wrote one volunteer after the delivery. "You never really know what the people around you could be going through."

The volunteers' day began by meeting Carrie Buck, the director of HIS House. Ms. Buck then led the volunteers on an amazing tour throughout HIS House's facilities.

"It was really something, you know, to see how much like a home HIS House feels like. When I heard 'homeless shelter' it was nothing like the way I imagined HIS House to be," said another student. "There are even gardens and wind chimes- which I loved- and a playground for the kids."

The Garden- had windchimes, a playground, tricycles, flowers, and a vegetable patch for the families to do some gardening together!

The living room was provided to make the shelter feel like a home.

A Zen Garden was created by one of the workers at HIS House to add some peace to the clients' lives! The room behind it was an on site laundry area, which helps clients save additional time and money.

At the end of the day, the volunteers all had a great time exploring the help that the community in Placentia offered to those in need!

A huge thank you to Riya, Avery, Monica, Meghan, May, Vivian, John, Sally, Sharon, April, and Carrie for making today possible, along with the Courtyard by Marriot, Riverside for providing today's wonderful donations!