An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

On Tuesday, February 20th, Linens N Love delivered their love once again to the Irvine Animal Care Center with the help of Choice Hotels Owners Council Representatives from Region 12. Linens N Love and the Representatives from Region 12 teamed up to make a delivery to the Irvine Animal Care Center by gathering several boxes of linens, blankets, towels, and sheets from many hotels with linens that have slight imperfections. These linens are linens that have possibly a pen mark or a coffee stain, so they cannot be used by the guests anymore due to high quality franchise standards. With the love from Linens N Love and the linens from hotels by Choice, they were able to team up and make a delivery that was both empowering and inspiring.

At the Irvine Animal Care Center, Linens N Love and the Region 12 Representatives met up and enjoyed a team building event. The event began by unloading the boxes of linens from the cars and then transporting the linens to the care shelter. Then, one of the volunteers greeted Linens N Love and Region 12 to give a tour of the facility.

Irvine Animal Care Center’s mission is different from other shelters. Irvine Animal Care Center stands out in its own way in a way that can be seen through the animals there. The animals there are adopted with weeks of arriving at the shelter, with the help of the volunteers at the shelter. The animals are provided with the best care and are recognized for their personality, likes, and dislikes. Linens N Love and Region 12 Choice Hotels Owner Council Representatives chose to deliver to the Irvine Animal Care Center because of their unique mission and extreme dedication to the shelter’s inhabitants.

After going on the tour of the facility, Linens N Love and Region 12 Representatives were able to see the good that the Irvine Animal Care Center is doing. Linens N Love saw the purpose of delivering these linens to the cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, and other animals. These animals who are waiting for their new home need warmth, and with the linens that Linens N Love delivers through the help of the linens donation from hotels by Choice, these animals can live a better life.

Soon after making the delivery to the Care Center with the Region 12 Choice Hotels Representatives, Linens N Love made its way to Chilli’s to have a group bonding dinner. During the dinner, Linens N Love club members, officers, and advisor enjoyed a meal at Chilli’s while discussing their club goals and future deliveries. Linens N Love cofounder May Wang thanked all of the members for their time invested in the cause.

To wrap up the day, Linens N Love made their way to the City Council meeting. The City of Yorba Linda along with Mayor Hernandez personally recognized Linens N Love for all the good that Linens N Love does and presented an award to Linens N Love to show their appreciation for the organization and great efforts to make the community a better place. Linens N Love cofounder May Wang made a short speech saying how Linens N Love would not be possible without the help of the members, officers, and advisor Danielle Connor. Mayor Hernandez specially recognized Linens N Love and presented cofounder May Wang with the award.

“One of my favorite components about this organization is not just the things that we do, but the people behind it that do it”, said cofounder of Linens N Love May Wang.

“We are dreamers and doers - all that we need to get started is a little bit of love.”

Linens Count: 510

Special thanks to: Jyoti Sarolia, Howard Culver, Annie Chang, Bina Patel, David Guzman, Jay Leva, John Wang, Kirk Lok, and Manoj Patel