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Linens Donated: 370

​On July 10th, Linens N Love journeyed to the Aquarium of the Pacific to celebrate its 6,000th item donation! WOW.

​The Aquarium of the Pacific tour was led by Susan G. from Husbandry, who was an amazing tour guide. Susan is passionate about animals and conservation of wildlife.  Working with an array of animals ranging from otters to falcons, Susan has had many years of experience caring for these magnificent creatures.

​"I was impressed with their humanity and the care they give to each of their animals," wrote one student in their reflection paragraph upon learning about the Molina Animal Hospital. "We had a spider- a tarantula- fall and hit the floor. Spiders aren't like us- they've got a hard exoskeleton that hold in their organs. When the spider fell, it cracked open and its guts came spilling out. But we immediately called the vet, and the vet used superglue to put the spider back together again. It survived" Susan told us. 

​The Barn that Susan took us to housed many lorikeets. "Some of them have neurological problems. Some don't get along well with others. Some of them need time to recover from injuries." Unlike many animal shelters, lorikeets with neurological or physical disabilities are not put to sleep and instead given plenty of care and kindness administered by the Aquarium staff. Even though there are nearly 100 birds flying around the Aviary, the Aquarium of the Pacific takes painstaking measures toward caring for each and every one of their feathered guests regardless of any disabilities.

"I was excited to go to the aquarium, not only to see beautiful animals but to also see our donations and contributions directly in action. It was a special feeling knowing that the towels that we donated we going to go to the special needs birds. Some birds need to quiet time and the towels create a feeling of safety and security. The workers also use the towels to maintain a clean living space" wrote another student.

"I haven't been to the aquarium in about ten years, so it was definitely an enjoyable, refreshing experience.  It was so nice to see such a variety of age groups there, from little toddlers to senior citizens.  There were so many different species on exhibit that it took me longer to walk all the way through the aquarium than I had expected.  I was amazed to see that the aquarium not only displays fish, sharks, and stingrays, but it also has a wide variety of birds and an educational classroom section.  Furthermore, the aquarium doesn't only put the animals on exhibit for the public to see, but it is also very involved with rescuing and operating on the animals, and it has a lot of educational and training programs for children.  The two things that stuck out the most to me were the operating room facilities (cool surgery camera and big windows for people to watch) and the child (probably around 10 years old) that wore the headset and educated the audience about the baby sharks and stingrays near one of the touch tanks.  I hope the aquarium can continue to educate and entertain such a wide range of people" reflected another student.

Overall, Linens N Love's team had an amazing time at the Aquarium of the Pacific and want to thank Susan and the Aquarium for taking time out of their busy day to lead us!