FUndraising success: $645

Tanya Sayooj

✨Within Linens N Love, I was a virtual volunteer, initially I was only a part of the research bloggers team however, later on I decided to join the project leaders team as well, and I'm really glad I decided to venture out! This year is actually my first year being part of the Linens N Love volunteering team, and although I haven't been a part of this team for long, I can already say, this organization has really inspired me to start learning more about environmental and social issues. I gained a sense of leadership and confidence that I Linens N Love provided for me. I want to share my experience with this initiative with everyone and hopefully inspire others to step and do whatever you believe in. Even if others think its pointless or invaluable, Linens N Love has taught me to always remember that even the smallest bit of encouragement and support can make someones week!

✨With this newfound confidence I was able to launch my initiative to appreciate local heroes such as police officers, grocery store employees, and firefighters during these difficult and unprecedented times.These heroes go to work everyday, sacrificing time with their loved ones to serve our community and I wanted to find a way to show them we acknowledge their hard work. I decided I wanted to better my community and spread thanks to those who are constantly helping us! Front-line workers and health care medical workers are getting a lot of appreciation already, and they deserve everything they’re getting, but I wanted to do something for some people who are not getting as much appreciation. During the early stages of this pandemic, many people, myself included, probably felt a feeling of helplessness as they continued to watch millions of people becoming sick and thousands dying. This is when I decided to start an online fundraiser to raise money to buy gift cards for the local heroes and all that they do for us. I also began to create handmade thank you cards for them as an additional token of appreciation. I managed to raise $645 for purchasing gift cards and gained recognition from not only my local mayor but also my local CBS and NBC news channels.

✨Although this is just a small gesture, it can make a big difference in some people's lives. And, if everyone uses this time to help those around them, things will slowly start feeling like they're getting better. During these times of uncertainty, many people are feeling angry, scared and anxious, however, if everyone fuels those feelings into helping your community and providing hope, however small it may be, there will be a real difference! The levels of fear and anger that once took over everyone will subside, and people will start feeling hopeful and faithful that things will soon get better. If you set your mind to anything and you have a genuine desire, you can pretty much get anything accomplished, and this is truly how I managed to launch this initiative and reach where I am with it today.

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