An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

Linens N Love has some exciting news to share! On July 22, 2019, Linens N Love organized their first international delivery in Los Cabos, Mexico in their partnership with Choice Hotels Owner Council for their “Let’s Mexi-GO With a Purpose” Initiative. Linens N Love’s Initiative for this summer event involved the support of the Choice Hotels Owners Council Board and Committee. Delegates were encouraged to bring anywhere from ten to fifteen linens with them from their hotels when traveling to Los Cabos for business meetings. Linens N Love’s Summer Initiative exemplifies how simple it is to repurpose used hotel linens at no cost. The CHOC Board and Committee even had an incentive - making room for linens donations in their luggage means that there would be more room for souvenirs! Those who were unable to transport their linens internationally assisted by donating money directly to Casa Hogar to fund their upcoming projects at the shelter.

Linens N Love’s goal was to donate 500 linens and $500 to Casa Hogar, a children’s shelter located in Los Cabos dedicated to offering a home for vulnerable children ages four to eighteen. Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas’s mission is to provide support and affection in order to establish a strong foundation for these children to succeed in the professional world. Casa Hogar provides housing for these children and on a daily basis, Casa Hogar has a constant need for linens. During this delivery, Linens N Love and Choice Hotels Owner Council was proud to announce that a total of 501 linens and $1121 was donated to Casa Hogar!

Board and Committee convened around 10:30 in the morning with their hands full of linens when Founder and President Vivian Wang and Member Khushi Sarolia presented to the group regarding Linens N Love’s vision and accomplishments over the past few years. Linens N Love was proud to announce that their upcoming project, a desktop application, would be able to digitally connect the hotels, shelters, and volunteers with one another to further maximize Linens N Love’s scalable social impact.

Linens N Love encourages the Choice Hotels Owners Council to be one of their first participants on their desktop application. Typically, with our linens donations, we usually drive to the designated shelter and embark on a tour after donating the linens. Instead, this time, Linens N Love brought a bit of Casa Hogar to the Choice Hotels Owners Council! Following Vivian Wang and Khushi Sarolia’s presentation, Vanessa Figueroa, the fundraising coordinator at Casa Hogar, presented to the Board and Committee on Casa Hogar. Vanessa shared more about Casa Hogar, what their mission is, and who they support. After the successful delivery, Vanessa said, "At Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas we are honored to have been the first international beneficiaries of Linens N Love, a non-profit organization founded by two very young and bright sisters with a big heart. We were able to speak to the Choice Hotels Owners Council group...  It was very inspiring to see these teens at Linens N Love working to make a difference, truly caring and putting their efforts towards helping others. I was impressed with their professional presentation... My hope is that more teens will become inspired to make a difference and infuse hope for a better future". Following Vanessa’s presentation, Linens N Love and Choice Hotels Owners Council presented Vanessa with the linens donations and monetary donations. 

During the afternoon reception, delegates and their family members signed the Linens N Love banner. The messages on the banner were so uplifting and encouraging; each message written with love. 

Linens N Love was so elated to partner with Choice Hotels Owners Council to make an impact in the Casa Hogar community. Whether it was through donating monetarily or donating linens, the Board and Committee has made a change with Linens N Love today!

This international delivery in Los Cabos involving the partnership of Linens N Love with Choice Hotels Owners Council marks the beginning of Linens N Love’s international ventures and social outreach. We cannot wait to collaborate with Choice Hotels Owners Council again in the near future to make an impact in our community!

Linens Donated TO CASA HOGAR: 501

Money Raised FOR CASA HOGAR: $1121

Presentation from Vanessa, Fundraiser Coordinator at Casa Hogar: