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The project I have just completed as a research blogger in the virtual volunteer program is an article focusing on domestic violence as a whole as well as how the current pandemic is connected to it. The number of domestic abuse cases has always been high and the topic has been sort of a taboo to talk about since so many people are taught to show only the “perfect” sides of their life. Now with Covid-19, even more victims are scared to speak up because of how lockdowns are trapping them inside a confined space with their abusers and limiting their access to resources. Closing of public spaces such as schools and shelters has also been a factor in the decrease of help available to victims. Without school, children and teens are cut off from teachers, counselors, and friends who can spot and report abuse. Since the outbreak of the virus, victims have been forced into a position where they have to choose between exposing themselves to the virus or staying in the same home as their abuser. 

With this article, I hope to demonstrate to the community that domestic abuse is a big problem because we let it be a big problem. Especially during the Corona pandemic, knowing if someone is being abused can be hard because of social distancing. In my article, I included signals of someone being abused and tips on how to help them. Using the tips, I hope that it will increase the number of people reaching out to victims. In addition, I also want people to know about ways they can help victims they do not know through donating to shelters and hotels that provide resources and places for the fleeing victims to stay.

When people read the post on Instagram, I hope they realize that there is always a way to help. Especially with problems similar to domestic abuse, the majority of the youth do not even try to help because it seems like such a “grown-up” problem. What they do not realize is that there are so many ways to help that are simple. When prospective hirers or interviewers read my project highlight post, what I want them to know about me is despite the barrier created by the pandemic and the sheer colossal size of the problem that is domestic abuse, I will always find a way to spread awareness and contribute in small ways that result in a big impact.  ​

Recent Article written by Yen Vu