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Linen Count: 0; instead, we've got 11 inches of hair donated to kids with cancer!

The Locks of Love She Gave

We are so proud that our volunteers donate more than their time and effort! Vivian Wang has donated her hair to Locks of Love, a nonprofit charity that gives wigs to children undergoing chemo therapy and cannot afford to buy hair.

"Donating my hair to kids in need has always been something that I’m proud of. Today I helped a child by donating 11 inches of my hair. Yes, I was reluctant at first and was only planning on trimming my split ends, but my sister and dad told me to donate my hair."

Today's donation was not Vivian's first time. She has given her full ponytails twice before, today being her third contribution.

She had difficulty parting with her beautiful hair. "I didn’t want to look weird with short hair, but I still did what I thought would be better."

While the experience was nerve racking, it was thrilling, and Vivian saw what her donation meant to another person somewhere who needed it, 

"I saw my long brown hair being braided, to soon be cut off. I was a bit nervous at first. I didn’t want short, poofy hair. The hair stylist braided my hair, and then took out the scissors from the drawer. I felt as if my heart stopped for a second, and that was when I heard the snipping of my own hair. I was slightly screaming on the inside." 

"It looked… short. Short hair has never been the desirable hair length to me, but at least my hair was going to a good place. I felt my short but soft hair for the first time after the haircut. I’m not used to short hair because I’ve had my long hair for a couple of years already. I couldn’t even tie my hair back at all, but luckily my hair doesn’t grow very slow."

Though she was uncomfortable with the short hair length at first, she could soon embrace the change. Short looks great on her!
"After donating my hair for the third time, I’m sure that I’ll donate it again in a couple of years. I don’t really like the length of it right now, but hopefully it’ll grow out quickly. I’m just glad that cutting off a bunch of my hair is going to go to a good place other than my own head."