An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

Reflecting on my leadership experience at Linens N Love

By: Celeste Esqueda, Chapter President of Yorba Lindaa Linens N Love

I’ve been a chapter president of Linens N Love at Yorba Linda High school for a little over a year. Even in that short amount of time, through my role, I have learned far more about leadership, communication, and community relations with this organization than I have with any other activity I participated in during my four years of high school.

Vivian Wang reached out to me in the winter of 2019, and she invited me to attend the leadership summit hosted by LNL to learn more about the organization and leadership. During this winter summit, I learned to make an elevator pitch, to build connections within a community, and to efficiently allocate resources to a trusted shelter. Prior to the summit, I had little experience in leadership; however, the modules and workshops helped me to develop the skills I needed to become a chapter president.

After the summit, I reached out to trusted classmates who shared my love for volunteering so that I could build a team at my school. I got a teacher advisor, officers, and the documents required so that the YLHS chapter would become official.

Then the pandemic hit. 

Coordinating deliveries became more difficult, gathering people together in person was out of the question, and progress at my chapter almost seemed to stop. Then came the General Motors & Ashoka leadership summit as well as the LNL virtual volunteering program. These two events made the pause in volunteering seem as though it were merely the blink of an eye. I had the opportunity to build off of so many ideas that people have come up with from around the world. I was able to talk to professionals about how I could further help those in need. We were provided with the opportunity to do more good even when things seemed hopeless.

It is because of LNL that I have bettered my community by promoting sustainability and volunteer work. It is because of LNL that I have also built networks between the volunteers I work with and the hotels and shelters in my community. 

I helped my community just as much as Linens N Love helped me. It has connected me to so many people coming from different walks in life and it has taught me the importance of organization and communication. Because of the year and a half I have spent dedicated to this organization, I have become a great leader, communicator, organizer, and an overall stronger person, and I am so, so grateful! Here’s to future officers of LNL and all the good that they will do...!