Linens Count: 570

3/19/16: Irvine Animal Shelter

Today, Linens N Love packed their trunks and headed off to the Irvine Animal Shelter with high spirits, excitement in the air, and 570 towels and bed sheets that were going off to a great new home.

The students met up with their tour guide, Julie, who was very friendly and cheerful! The weather was great- perfect weather for touring a semi outdoor shelter!

First stop- the barn. You'd think that an animal shelter only adopts out dogs and cats, but that's not the case for Irvine's shelter. There are an assortment of animals including pigs, goats, rabbits, and -wait for it- chickens.

"What colors are the eggs in your fridge at home?" asked our tour guide Julie. While we ate brown and white eggs, Julie told us that the chickens at the shelter lay eggs that are actually pastel blue and green. This is because different species of chickens lay different species of eggs!

Moving out away from the barn, we visited the cat section. Each cat kennel was labeled with different dot colors to alert visitors of every cat's needs or special notes. It was great seeing how well organized and run the shelter was! Every cat kennel had a detailed file on the cats.

Visiting the dogs, however, was a very different environment. The dogs were barking, crying, and overall in need of a lot of love! The kennels are kept very clean...the only thing they are missing is someone to give the dogs the love and cuddles they deserve.

Visiting the shelter was very bittersweet for many volunteers. "The tour was awesome," commented one volunteer, "but seeing those dogs broke my heart."

A HUGE thank you and shout out to our tour guide Julie, volunteers Noor, Alondra, Grace, Emily, Vivian, John, and Faiza and all of the parents who made today possible!

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