An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

Total Delivered: 1,200 blankets, bedspreads, washcloths, towels, and sheets

​Isaiah House of Santa Ana, CA was a beautiful and enriching place to visit. Located in the midst of an impoverished neighborhood, Isaiah House seeks to provide toiletries, a hot meal, a warm place to sleep at night, and showers in the community.

"We serve over 3,000 meals a week," our tour guide told us as we wandered through the backyard filled with friendly dogs and cats. "And I'd like to show you this room, but I can't since we just rescued a kitten today who is staying with us!" Various cats and dogs wander the residence and we can't resist the urge to pet them.

"Catholic Worker is a movement by Dorothy Day who tried to feed homeless people without regulations and restriction. If you're hungry, you ate. If someone is hungry or needs a place to stay it's our job to provide what they need."

After interviewing several staff members, we were pleased to learn that the linens would be filtered out to the impoverished community. "Your donation goes beyond just Isaiah House. We get people coming in here every week who need towels and washcloths and blankets...we just hand them out to those who need it."

"Isaiah House is a group of four women who have a goal to serve the community and provide the less fortunate with bare necessities to survive and to get them back on their feet. Isiah House not only offers shelter, but they also offer food and comfort. They serve over 3000 meals a week and even offer clothing to people in need" reflected one student who was inspired by Isaiah House's message.

One student wrote, "After we were done unloading the many boxes, we headed on a tour to see the facility. The person who was giving us the tour was actually the owner of the home. She said that she wanted to offer a safe place to rest in for people who need it and wanted to help people who aren't as lucky. There was a room full of toiletries and various necessities that a typical homeless person would not find on the street, like underwear and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Then we were able to tour the restroom facility and their bedroom. They have a modest restroom with a token shower, which means that they need to insert a token to take a shower. I saw a couple homeless people sleeping in the bedroom and I realized how lucky I was and how our donation would help them greatly."