The Desert Sanctuary: Outreach Center

Linens Donated: 165

Today's a nice day with cool, crisp weather and sunny skies as I wander into The Desert Sanctuary, a store whose profits go directly to benefit the Haley House.

The Haley House is located at an undisclosed location (mysterious, eh?) and houses victims of domestic abuse for up to six months. Victims must participate in a life skills program to stay at the Haley House where they learn to live on their own with a limited income.

The Desert Sanctuary offers a support group, classes and meetings for domestic violence victims and their children and the thrift shop provides low-cost clothing and other items for the shelter’s clients. Various other programs for children are also provided at the shelter.

It was great to be able to participate in such a great program!

An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.