An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

Jainam Shah (president), Raymond Tabak (vice president), Dhruv Raut (treasurer), Lexy Finkel (secretary), Asha Thomas (publicist), Noa Yedidia (head of outreach), and Saanvi Patel (head of social media)

Article by: Asha Thomas

​Fair Lawn Linens N Love

As the COVID-19 pandemic took over our lives, our team members were determined to do good in the midst of these trying circumstances. After hours of meetings, debating back and forth, we agreed that our community was the perfect place to launch our first initiative as a chapter of Linens N Love. With weeks more of contacting small businesses, searching for possible locations, and making sure our event was well-publicized, we were ready for our very first event. We set up tables outside a local synagogue, following social distancing protocols, and on October 18th and 19th, our team was accepting linens at our linen drive!

Originally, we were hesitant about the number of linens we would get, and that it would not be enough to be considered successful. However, the results spoke for themselves. We had four shifts, two each day, about an hour and a half each. In a single shift, we received countless bags and boxes of linens. Altogether, we filled up the minivans of our social media manager and our president about ten times, which was approximately 1200 linens! We were able to safely donate the literal mountains of linens off at a shelter in Hoboken, New Jersey, and an American Red Cross center.

This project was so meaningful to all of us. Our team worked very hard for the drive's success, individually and as a team. We are so grateful to those who supported us, from the small businesses that allowed us to promote the event on their property, to the individuals who took time out of their day to drop off some linens.

Personally, I was able to witness firsthand the strength of a community, regardless of the conditions it is placed in.

The impact we made might have been a small one in the grand scope of the world, but I am confident that it went a long way. I know all of our team members have also gained from this experience, and we can't wait to launch our next initiative!

Hi! My name is Jainam Shah. I am an incoming sophomore at Fair Lawn High School. In my free time, I love getting in as much activity as I can. Whether it be playing basketball, biking, or even just hanging out with my friends, as long as I am outside, I simply love it. And when it comes to my passions, the same can be said. I love being active in the sense that I love helping people whenever and wherever I can. This is actually a reason why I joined this organization. I would get a direct chance to helping people that are not as privileged as we are. People that are unwillingly living in meager conditions, that need our help and support to be able to go through their daily life a little more smoothly. By being a part of this organization, I want to take the additional step forward in extending my hand out to anyone that needs it.

Linens Donated: 1,200

MEet the Fair Lawn Linens n LOve chapter president: Jainam Shah