An award-winning, student-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization repurposing linens to charities since 2014.

Victoria C.: President of Notre Dame Academy Linens N Love

Hi, I'm Victoria C and I am a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy. During my free time, I enjoy sewing my clothes or embroidering my jeans. I am also learning how to crochet clothes instead of buying them from big corporations. Despite these being some unconventional hobbies, they are soothing as well as helpful skills for the future. A fun fact about me is that I love to travel! Some things that I am passionate about are disabled peoples' rights, women's rights, and to end the fight against homelessness!

Shweta Shah: President of Valencia Linens N Love

Hello, world! My name is Shweta Shah. I am a junior at Valencia High School. I enjoy practicing Taekwondo, a form of Korean martial art. I enjoy working with Linens N Love and giving back to the community that gave me my childhood. Whether the linens may be for animals or for people who need some extra comfort, I am willing to give my time and energy for such a great cause. For many years, I have been given the nickname, Sweater. I now realize that this was for good reason; a sweater gives people comfort and warmth. Working with Linens N Love, I will be able to give comfort and warmth for so many. 

Anna Cheng: President of Northern Virginia Linens N Love

Hi, I’m Anna Cheng, and I’m 16 years old. I’m a junior from Oakton High School in Northern Virginia. In my free time, I love to bake, especially cookies and cupcakes. I also enjoy drawing, reading, and film photography! Some causes that I’m passionate about are sustainability, inclusion, and women in leadership. In addition, I’m really into social entrepreneurship and business. I am super excited to bring more sustainability into my community with Linens N Love, and I’m also looking forward to helping my members develop as leaders!

Christine Li: President of Central Massachusetts Linens N Love

Hi everyone! My name is Christine Li and I'm a rising junior at Westborough High School which is in central Mass. In my free time I love going on walks (especially sunset walks), napping, playing volleyball, reading, and serving my community! I'm an advocate for cultural awareness and racial injustice. Everyone is created equal and no one is above another and I will stand by that. I'm super excited to be a chapter president for Linens N Love and I can't wait for what lies ahead!

Michelle Mar: President of San Jose Linens N Love

Hi my name is Michelle Mar and I am currently a senior at Monta Vista High School. I suppose you can say I'm an "artsy" person. I love singing, dancing, music, design, and creative writing. I own a story writing platform known as Crescent Novels, where it is my mission to enable teen authors to share their story, express their creativity, and improve on their writing. I strongly believe in the importance of allowing anyone and everyone to express themselves, no matter their heritage or background. 

Jainam Shah: President of Fair Lawn Linens N Love

Hi! My name is Jainam Shah. I am an incoming sophomore at Fair Lawn High School. In my free time, I love getting in as much activity as I can. Whether it be playing basketball, biking, or even just hanging out with my friends, as long as I am outside, I simply love it. And when it comes to my passions, the same can be said. I love being active in the sense that I love helping people whenever and wherever I can. This is actually a reason why I joined this organization. I would get a direct chance to helping people that are not as privileged as we are. People that are unwillingly living in meager conditions, that need our help and support to be able to go through their daily life a little more smoothly. By being a part of this organization, I want to take the additional step forward in extending my hand out to anyone that needs it.

Cindy Xu: President of Monta Vista Linens N Love

I’m Cindy (Yifei) Xu and I am the Chapter President of the Monta Vista Linens N Love chapter. I’m 16 and currently a junior at Monta Vista High School in NorCal. I love singing, dancing, and doing cardio workouts! I like to take on new adventures and explored my many interests through being part of my school’s NHS chapter, Astronomy Club, Movie Club, the Chinese Honors Society, and Chemistry Club. My passions are helping local communities in need, as well as reaching out to rural areas internationally. I spend most of my breaks and weekends working at local volunteering organizations such as the SJ Sacred Heart Community Service center. I feel so honored to be given this incredible opportunity to help expand Linens N Love and watch our impacts grow! Through starting the MV chapter, I hope to meet more amazing people who share this passion of helping others, and strengthen the love and compassion we feel for each other. 

Parnikaa Karki: President of British Columbia Linens N Love

Parnikaa Karki is a high school student from British Columbia, Canada and is a rising sophomore at Tamanawis Secondary.  She is passionate about advocacy and wants to utilize her voice in a meaningful way to create a positive impact. She is also passionate about the BLM movement, Women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, Current Events, STEM, and Business. Parnikaa enjoys dancing, volunteering and binge watching her favourite movies and shows. She is super excited to start a chapter for British Columbia and she hopes for the best on this journey.

Joyce Jiang: Co-President of Morris Knolls Linens N Love

My name is Joyce Jiang and I am 17 years old. This fall, I am going to be a senior at Morris Knolls High School in New Jersey. My school offers some clubs and activities that are service-oriented and I have been participating in them since freshman year. One cause that I have a profound passion for is healthcare. This is because I believe that a healthy lifestyle is crucial to live a longer life and meet individuals’ aspirations. I have decided to further myself with this passion by entering into a pre-physician assistant path in college. In all, I am excited to bring Linens n Love to my school because it is an organization that helps many different groups of people in a unique way.

Kayla Park: Co-President of Mill Creek Linens N Love

Hello, my name is Kayla Park and I am currently a junior a Mill Creek High School.  My favorite things to do in my free time range from playing instruments such as the piano to swimming and hiking. With a growing passion for recognizing the needs of those in our community which usually go unnoticed such as warms clothes and blankets, I felt Linens N Love would help me join a community where I could go out and do things to make an actual difference by starting to bring more support for these issues. With the journey ahead, I hope to bring warmth and comfort to families and animals in need. 

Charlotte Hsu: President of Portola Linens N Love

Hey everyone, my name is Charlotte Hsu, I’m a 16 y/o and a junior at Portola High School. I love to hang out with friends or stay at home and binge shows in my free time. Some fun facts about me is that I’ve always wanted a snake, not sure why, but they’re just so cute and fascinating to me. I also love going thrifting because you can always find the coolest and cutest stuff there and it also donates to charities. A cause I’m passionate about is Ocean Acidification because growing up not far from the beach has made me fall in love with the environment.

Meet our Chapter PResidents

Michelle Pansa: President of Randolph Linens N Love

Hi! My name is Michelle Pansa and I'm a senior at Randolph High School. I am a varsity runner for my school's Cross Country and Track team as well as a captain of the Math Team. In my spare time, I like binge-watching Grey's Anatomy and volunteering for various organizations that appeal to my interests. I also enjoy learning and helping others in the ways that I can. I'm passionate about providing equitable education for all and the participation of women in STEM. I hope to inspire and make a difference in the world.

Enne Kim: Co-President of Mill Creek Linens N Love

Hi!! My name is Enne Kim and I’m a 16 year old junior at Mill a Creek High School. My favorite things to do in my free time are reading the Bible and reading in general, practicing the ukulele, baking, and spending time with the people I love! The causes that I’m passionate about and first led me to join Linens N Love are teen homelessness, animal abuse, and domestic violence. I believe these are truly disparaging issues present internationally, and I’m eager to do my part in preventing and advocating for such causes through this organization!

Jamie Moore: President of Grandview Linens N Love

Hi! My name is Jamie Moore, I'm 15, and I'm a junior from Grandview, Texas. At my school, I am involved with the marching band and I play clarinet as a squad leader. I also compete in event management for my school's chapter of FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America). Additionally, I compete in UIL (University Interscholastic League) or school, academic competitions in journalism, traditional animation/film, and robotics. A few causes I am passionate about is women's rights, the environment, and healthcare.

Samantha How: President of Canyon Linens N Love

Hi! I'm Samantha How (high school senior), and I'm the Canyon High School (Anaheim) Linens N Love Chapter President for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. I have been involved in Linens N Love for several years and am excited to continue my involvement in the future. In addition to being a chapter president, I am also involved in the Linens N Love Virtual Volunteering program through the Linens N Love Virtual Gig project. Linens N Love has taught me not only about the impact of passionate volunteers, but also about the importance of youth leadership and persistent efforts to make the world better for everyone. I enjoy playing and listening to music, tutoring, and studying for Science Olympiad competitions. A fun fact is that I mainly work with two musical instruments (piano & voice) but experiment with 6-ish more. I value equal rights and opportunities, equal access to education and healthcare, and environmental conservation.

Our Chapter Presidents come from around the world and are responsible for leading their chapter's initiatives. Chapter Presidents who feel comfortable sharing their information below have included additional information about themselves.

Mya Dell-Aquila: Co-President of Morris Knolls Linens N Love

My name is Mya Dell’Aquila, I am 16 years old and I go to Morris Knolls High School. In school, I am a part of multiple clubs after school. In my free time, I am deeply involved with music and apart of a symphony orchestra and two chamber ensembles. When I am not playing music, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family; I have four older sisters and a dog that I love to spend time with. Because of my experience with having two dogs, my love for animals grew immensely. I am very passionate about animal cruelty and love to help animals in any possible way. I am very excited to be apart of Linens and Love and help my community in bigger ways.

Aiste Austrevicius: President of Hinsdale Linens N Love

My name is Aiste Austrevicius and I am a sophomore at Hinsdale Central High School! In my free time, I love to play outside with my dog and take care of my reptiles. I love attending animal expos and helping animals in any way I can. Another passion of mine is writing speeches. I've competed in speech competitions for a few years and earned a few recognitions and rewards, and I am always excited at an opportunity to improve my speaking skills. And lastly, I love science because science is everywhere around us and constantly surprises us with its unexpected twists.

OreOluwa Oloro: Co-President of Rolling Meadows Linens N Love

Hi! My name is OreOluwa Oloro and I am a high school junior at Rolling Meadows High School. I am 16 years old and my favorite thing to do in the world is gymnastics (it’s been my favorite since watching the olympics at 4 years old)! I also LOVE reading and have a great passion for education, particularly for black women like me. I enjoy teaching kids as I have volunteer tutored and taught children, and have loved the experiences. Something else important to me is all animal care as I have have never had the opportunity to love and cherish one myself. I LOVE sloths , baby elephants, hedgehogs and of course puppies! I want to become a biomedical engineer and a great surgeon, setting an example for all young black women in the world and inspiring them to chase all their dreams down with a purpose!

Evelyn Nguyen: President of Clements Linens N Love

Hi everybody! My name is Evelyn Nguyen. I attend Clements High School in Sugar Land, TX where I will be a junior for the 2020-2021 school year! In my free time, I love to play the piano, viola, and tennis. I also love to hang out with my friends and shop whether online or in person. Some of the causes I'm passionate about are women's rights and racial equity.

Carole George: Co-President of Tottenville Linens N Love

Hi, my name is Carole George. I am a 14-year-old freshman at Tottenville High School in Staten Island, New York. Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are facetime friends and scroll through Tiktok. One fun fact about myself is that I was born in Egypt but I moved to Dubai at a very young age and lived there until I was 6. Then, my family and I moved here, to the US. One cause I am very passionate in is animal rights. I believe that animals should be treated with respect and should not be treated with cruelty. Animals are living beings, just like us and they shouldn’t be test subjects.

Kevin Zhou: President of Hunter College Linens N Love

My name is Kevin Zhou, I go to Hunter College High School, which is on the Upper East Side in New York City. I am a rising senior, turning 17 soon. I like to play videogames and basketball in my free time. I am passionate about climate change and fairness of the justice system.

Pragalvha Sharma: President of Central Peel Linens N Love

Hello, my name is Pragalvha Sharma. I attend Central Peel Secondary School located in Brampton, Ontario. I am currently in grade 10 and am 15 years old. I am looking forward to working with the Linens N Love Chapter at Central Peel Secondary School to give back to my community.

Zach Marshall: President of Oakton Linens N Love

Hello, my name is Zach Marshall and I am the founder and president of the Linens N Love Oakton chapter. I am a rising junior from Virginia and I attend Oakton High School. In my free time, I play a lot of lacrosse and golf, or any other outdoor sports with my friends. Additionally, I am very passionate about business and marketing, so I spend a lot of time learning and reading about these topics. A fun fact about me is that, despite all of my activity, I have never broken a bone. Some societal issues that I am passionate about include certain economic issues, such as unemployment and poverty. Overall, I am very excited to make an impact in my community and lead the the Oakton chapter.

Veronica Baladi: President of Bergen County Linens N Love

My name is Veronica Baladi, and I am a sophomore at Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey. In my free time, I love to listen to rock music, play guitar, and sometimes even sing. For fun, I play basketball or bike with my friends. I am passionate about business & hospitality, especially management and leadership in the community because it serves as a medium to help others.

Shelby Lee: Co-President of Irvine Linens N Love

My name is Shelby Lee and I am currently a freshman at Irvine High School. I enjoy painting, exploring new hobbies, and being in nature. My love for exploring hobbies has led me to join my cross country team this year, which I have surprisingly begun to enjoy, despite previously being an avid non-runner. I am most passionate about promoting wildlife conservation, shedding light on animal cruelty, and injustices in the category of mental health. Linens N Love’s great mission of environmental sustainability, while also bringing warmth to people and animals, aligns with the causes I am most passionate about. Wanting to promote their mission and create more widespread change with Linens N Love is what made me apply to become a chapter president. I am looking forward to making a change in my community through causes that are close to my heart and am excited for the fun, fulfilling memories ahead! 

Yashika Gupta: President of Dublin Linens N Love

Hello everyone! My name is Yashika Gupta and I am a junior from Dublin, California. My favorite things include baking, hiking, calligraphy, bullet journaling, and hanging out with my friends. I am very passionate about LGBTQ, women's rights, mental health awareness, education, and animal rights. I am so excited to be a part of the Linens N Love team and can't wait to do amazing things!

Hannah Huang: President of Interlake Linens N Love

Hi, I'm Hannah Huang, I'm a junior at Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington and I'm so excited to be part of the LNL team! In my free time I usually find myself oil painting, on tiktok, and finding new music on spotify. Some things I'm really passionate about are working with autistic children and civil rights organizations. Glad to be here!

Triparna Dewanjee: President of New York Linens N Love

Hey there! My name is Triparna Dewanjee, but my friends call me Trips or Tripsy. I am a rising junior. Some of the things I like to do when I am free are: dance, draw or listen to music, or cook, or sometimes read books. A fun fact about me is that I love to skateboard. I find myself feeling most passionate in community work and forming genuine relationships with others so, my future career plan is to become a pilot.
I can't wait to meet new people and work with them.

Hannah Oloro: Co-President of Rolling Meadows Linens N Love

Hi! My name is Hannah Oloro and I am currently a sophomore at Rolling Meadows High School, Illinois. I’m so excited to start a new chapter in my community! Some sports that I love are track and field and competitive swimming.  Something that I have been extremely passionate about my entire life is animal rights. Even since I set my eyes on a tiny little dog I immediately fell in love. After seeing ASPCA ads about what some animals have to go through I was so angered as to why anyone would harm such a helpless and adorable creature! All I would do is reasearch and reasearch pet shelters that I could volenteer at, but they all said I was too young. Now is my opportunity to make a difference in this world and do my best to ensure that an animal has the best life possible or at least the best experience in their life and make sure they never lose faith in humanity. When I’m not searching for cute animal pictures, I am fantasizing about my future career as a general surgeon, architect or lawyer. So far I plan to undergo an undergrad study in biomedical engineering so that I can go to medical school and become a certified surgeon. I'll be doing a bunch of hands-on internships to make my final decision!

Arianna Huang: President of San Jose Linens N Love

Arianna is a junior at Lynbrook High School with a passion for helping the environment and people in need. Through Linens N Love, Arianna hopes to help out her community while also running a tight-knit LNL chapter. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, play video games, and hang out with friends. 

Annie Li: President of Westwood Linens N Love

My name is Annie Li, and I am a senior at Westwood High School. In my free time, I enjoy painting, creative writing, curating Pinterest boards, listening to music, spending time with my family, and reading. My favorite genres are fantasy and fiction, but I'll usually read whatever has words on it. I am also passionate about advocacy, and some causes that are particularly important to me include women's rights, racial justice, climate justice and sustainability, and youth activism.

Celeste Esqueda: President of Yorba Linda Linens N Love

Hello! My name is Celeste Esqueda, and I am 17 years old. I attend Yorba Linda High School as a senior, and I am currently the school’s Linens N Love chapter president. Through LNL, I have been able to channel my love for volunteering and helping others into the work the organization has to offer. Outside of LNL, I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, baking, and more. One thing you might find interesting about me: I have a super big family. Over 40 cousins on my dad’s side alone! I am super passionate about a lot of things, but one thing that sticks out to me in particular is my passion for women’s rights. Here’s to finding excitement and new experiences in everything that we do!

Situ Chintakunta: Co-President of Irvine Linens N Love

My name is Situ Chintakunta and I am a freshman at Irvine High School and co-president of the Irvine High School Chapter. I am 14 years old and am from Sunny California. One of my biggest passions is dance. I have been doing Bharatanatyam, an Indian, classical form of dance since I was 5 years old. I also love to sketch as well as enjoy playing tennis. I am really passionate about women's rights or equality, specifically in the workplace or in everyday society, and environmental sustainability.

Jacky Chen: Co-President of Tottenville Linens N Love

Hello everyone! My name is Jacky Chen and I am currently a freshman at Tottenville High School. I also just turned 15 years old. I am incredibly excited to join and be apart of the Linens N Love Team! During my free time, I am usually cooking, baking, doing extra curricular, playing the piano/trombone, or just on my phone. I wanted to be apart of the Linens N Love Team because I have always wanted to give back to my community, and what a better way to help than by donating imperfect linens. Some causes I am passionate about are homelessness prevention, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and animal rights.

Mahika Palani: President of Elkins Linens N Love

My name is Mahika Palani and I’m a rising sophomore at Elkins High School in Texas. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, traveling, and spending time with my family. I’m passionate about animal rights, gender equality, and ending colorism. I’m so excited about starting a chapter and I can’t wait to help make a difference?

Anya Rose: President of Flintridge Linens N Love

Hi there! My name is Anya Rose and I live in Southern California and am so excited to be joining the team. I am a sophomore, fifteen years old, and attend Flintridge Prep high school. In my free time, I love hiking, running, and getting outside and into the natural world. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, sewing, thrift shopping, and volunteering in local politics. Some causes I am passionate about included (but are not limited to) the environment, education, and human rights. Also some random fun facts about me: I love all things oatmeal, think harmonicas are annoying, and believe pom poms are some of human’s best inventions.