My name is YunYun Wei and I currently reside in BC, Canada. This summer, I decided to start off with a card donation project for Linens N Love. Since it was my first individual project, I had a few challenging encounters such as time management, efficiency, and outreaching. The
work and resources were entirely operated by myself.

Although its a completely self-paced and stressless project, I still felt an indescribable weight of responsibility on my shoulders. There were times where I was unable to make the best decisions as a result of being inefficient. Luckily, one of my brothers hopped in and helped me speed up the tracing process by printing out the card parts that were originally traced. In the end, I got 50 DIY cards done and they got sent to the nearby senior home center.

I am truly thankful for this experience. I have never led a project by myself from scratch. From this, I have learned a lot of crafting skills as well as leadership skills. I look forward to volunteering for Linens N Love again. Peace!

Yun Yun Wei is a high school junior in grade 11 who attends Fraser Heights Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada. She is enthused of contributing her efforts to Linens N Love as a project Leader. Throughout her high school life, she has been fostering a bright passion for volunteerism. She enjoys the feeling of doing good deeds to the world and seeing the smiles on the people she connects with. She hopes that by joining the Linens family, she can not only learn more about countless other issues that are hindering the growth of other individuals but also lend a hand to give warmth and raise awareness to a more people who are in desperate need of support. Aside from her devotion to this organization, her impact can be spotted at her school organizing various clubs, organizing other non-profit organizations, guiding children through their reading experiences in public libraries, playing the clarinet and bass clarinet, swimming, or participating in volunteer events that aim to beautify the community that she cares for.

Handmade Cards created with love: 50

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