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Linens Donated: 540

On September 24, 2017, Linens N Love donated several boxes of linens to United Way in Corona. Coordinated by Ethan Moy, this project consisted of acquiring linens and shipping them to Hurricane Irma victims in Florida. These linens were taken by Ethan to United Way, who then assisted in the transportation of the linens to their intended destination.

This was Ethan Moy's first project with Linens N Love. In order to make this possible, he spent countless hours planning the project and researching various non-profit organizations that could potentially be interested in such a large project. 

After coming up with a detailed plan, the next task involved calling different non-profit organizations and churches, even going to the point of speaking to administrators in person. These places not only included local non-profits organizations but also some in Florida who could have been potential sponsors. However, each organization was unable to take the linens, whether it be because there were so many boxes or whether it was too far to ship.

After hours and weeks of disappointment, Ethan chanced upon another potential sponsor: United Way in Corona. United Way, headed by Mr. Allen Villalobos, seeks to provide education and child support to low-income and needy families in the Corona area. Despite their local mission, Mr. Villalobos was willing to aid in providing storage space for the linens and to help send them to hurricane victims. As such, Mr. Villalobos went out of his way to support Ethan in a long-distance project that benefitted others beyond the community. Without his help, this project would not have been possible.

In addition to contacting United Way and collecting linens, the project also required fundraising to cover shipping costs to Florida. In order to raise the required amount of money, Ethan personally called friends, family, and potential sponsors. However, enough small contributions by the numerous people that Ethan called, including some by Ethan himself, led to a substantial amount of money raised. The fundraising goal was then achieved with contributions by Taylor Brown, Jenna McCloskey, and Dioni Kwan. Within a month, Linens N Love, with a little help from United Way, was able to send the linens to Florida and successfully complete the project.

Ultimately, Linens N Love is proud to support such a large project, and we are happy to help those beyond our small community. Linens N Love would also like to congratulate Ethan Moy, who was responsible for countless hours of planning and execution that made this project a success.